At the young age of 12, Nero began spitting rhymes in every park, throughout the Bronx, where he’s from. Growing up in the BX, literally the motherland of Hip-Hop, helped to lay the foundation for the creativity behind Nero’s bars! Although, Nero is masterful at mixing together verbs and adjectives, he can do way more than just lay down a hard 16 on a beat.
He considers himself a music artist, because of his ability to adapt his music to real-life situations that he and others have gone through in their own respective lives. It’s because of this reason that Nero has began to captivate such a wide-range of listeners (Teens to middle-aged, across music genres). His music is relatable to a broad spectrum of fans. This is mainly due to his early musical influences as a kid were Eminem, Cassidy, Nore and Linkin Park.
This broad spectrum of genres, can account for diversity of Nero’s music. With close to 30,000 Google searches and with thousands of plays on SoundCloud, Nero is quickly becoming a household name throughout Yonkers, his place of residence for the past several years. His intelligence and perseverance are the fuel to his ambitions to be the best at his craft. Something like a Renascence painter with a hustler’s mentality. Nero’s ultimate goal is to make music that people everywhere can enjoy and make part of their personal life story!!

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